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We’ve been in countless gyms, and amidst all the grunts, clanks and sweat, we noticed a pattern — gym gear is ugly. It’s been the same for ages. It’s bland, boring and lacking character.

We thought if sneakers and streetwear can look dope, why can’t we bring that same attention to detail and aesthetics to gym gear? We didn’t accept what weightlifting belts, lifting straps, and wraps could do. So we made them better.
NOCO ArmTrainer

NOCO ArmTrainer


Frustrated with your (lack of) biceps gains? You’re probably guilty of one of these lethal mistakes:

  1. Not using proper form and unconsciously swinging the weights
  2. Not fully isolating your biceps and letting your deltoids take on the load
  3. Not targeting your muscle from a large variety of angles

The ArmTrainer’s got you covered on all three areas. It’s the only all-in-one solution to boost your arm workout and take your gains to the next level.

The ArmTrainer forces you to slow down, stop swinging, and lift consciously. You get full isolation of the muscle and increased time under tension (aka King TUT), giving you the round, sculpted biceps you’ve been working for. It’s time to break free from the bad habits that are holding you back and lift smarter.

How it works

When it comes to building the perfect set of arms, mind-muscle connection is everything. The ArmTrainer improves mind-muscle connection by forcing slower, more controlled movements, impeding your ability to unconsciously use momentum and swing the weights during the lift. It acts as a pivot in a lever system, concentrating the full force on the biceps and preventing the deltoids from taking on the bigger portion of the load. 

To achieve perfectly shaped biceps, you also must target the muscle from the full spectrum of angles. The ArmTrainer allows you to train your biceps from the three main angles - standing curls, preacher curls, and incline curls. Wear it around your chest or neck (whatever is more comfortable) to hit the perfect standing curls – or attach your ArmTrainer to the bench for preacher and incline curls. Check out the demo video to see the ArmTrainer in action.

Perfect At Home Or In The Gym

The ArmTrainer is designed to fit into your gym bag but is also the perfect addition to your home gym. Don’t have that bulky preacher curl machine? The ArmTrainer allows you to hit that critical angle, along with incline curls and the full spectrum of positions, at your home gym. So, whether you’re in the gym or working out at home, the ArmTrainer is the perfect tool to take your biceps game to the next level.

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The Details

We broke the mold to help you break records. Hover over the pulsing dots to see what makes the NoCo ArmTrainer different.

Tap pulsing dots to learn more about what makes our products special.

A pull tab helps you adjust on the fly // Easily switch from standing to incline to preacher positions // Adjust to the proper setting in each position with just a click.

Removable neoprene pads provide extra comfort during heavy lifts

Strap the ArmTrainer around your chest or neck, whichever is more comfortable // A padded neck area provides extra comfort // The strap also holds the ArmTrainer around the bench during incline or preacher curl positions // It’s grippy material prevents the ArmTrainer from sliding down the bench

Our treated aluminum frame holds up to heavy loads and provides the support you need to isolate your muscles // The laser-etched branding makes a bold statement in the gym

Interior pad for extra comfort when wearing the ArmTrainer around your chest

The Details

We broke the mold to help you break records. Hover over the pulsing dots to see what makes the NoCo ArmTrainer different.