Find Your Perfect Sheet Fabric | Luxurious & Sustainable | Boll & Branch

Find Your Perfect Sheet Fabric | Luxurious & Sustainable | Boll & Branch

Signature Fabric Detail

Uniquely Soft

Signature Fabric

Made of the highest quality, long-staple 100% organic cotton threads, this iconic fabric is woven for a buttery, breathable hand-feel that gets softer with every wash.

Perfect for: Comfortable sleepers, offering a soft & breathable experience year-round.

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Signature Vintage Washed Fabric


Signature Vintage Washed Fabric

A casual take on our bestselling Signature Collection, updated for an unbelievably soft experience with a lived-in look.

Perfect for: Comfortable sleepers, offering a laid-back look with a breathable, lived-in softness. 

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04182022 Set1 Set3 WASS Shore SignatureHemmed SheetSet FabricDetail Carousel L1 016 FINAL

Cool & Crisp

Percale Fabric

With a naturally cooling weave in long-staple 100% organic cotton, our ultra-refined Percale provides a smooth, structured finish—all for a cooler night’s sleep.

Perfect for: Hot sleepers, offering a refreshing coolness that lasts all night.

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Linen fabric detail

Light & Airy

Linen Fabric

The lightest linen ever created, this luxuriously laid-back fabric is made with the finest 100% Belgian flax & our proprietary 4-step garment wash, for a soft hand-feel unlike any other.

Perfect for: Warm or comfortable sleepers, offering a soft & breathable feel in our airiest weave.

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06142022 Set5 Harmon Reserve Oak SheetSet Detail L1 FINAL

Rare & Silky

Reserve Fabric

This fabric is made from the rarest, longest staple 100% organic cotton threads that have been slow-spun for exceptional luster and silky softness beyond compare.

Perfect for: An ultra-luxe experience, offering unrivaled softness in a decadently crisp weave.

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Flannel fabric detail

Velvety & Breathable

Flannel Fabric

Crafted in Portugal with the finest 100% organic cotton, our velvety-soft Flannel offers a rare balance of warmth and breathability—with a meticulous finishing process to naturally reduce pilling.

Perfect for: Cool or comfortable sleepers, offering an exceptionally soft & cozy feeling. 

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