Environmental & Social Responsibility | Boll & Branch

Environmental & Social Responsibility | Boll & Branch


An Unwavering Commitment

100% Club

All of our cotton is certified organic. Our down is certified & traceable. Our entire supply chain is audited for ethical, social, and labor practices. Each one of our factories have a recycling policy, with upcycling or 3rd party processing.

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Only The Best

Our Ingredients

By sourcing the highest quality raw materials and committing to purer processes, we’re able to create a natural softness unlike anything else.

Our Farmers

The Impact We Make

On Farmers

Growing organic cotton helps farmers escape the harshest of circumstances—ones no person should ever be subjected to. While conventional farmers are routinely exposed to hazardous chemicals, with an estimated 300,000 falling victim to pesticide poisoning each year, the health and wellbeing of our organic farmers is strictly protected—using safe and effective alternatives to life-threatening toxins. With measures to not only maintain, but enhance soil vitality, organic farming promotes long-term land fertility and economic safety for our partners.


The Impact We Make

On The Environment

Cotton is a notoriously water-intensive crop, and growing it with conventional methods requires large amounts of irrigation—putting strains on regions that already face water scarcity. Toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are yet another threat: contaminating groundwater and creating chemical runoff. We’re helping mitigate this damage by growing organic cotton in the highest rain-fed parts of India, using non-toxic pest repellents in place of harmful chemicals.

Our certifications

Responsibly Made At Every Step

Our Certifications

We work with the very best in third-party certifying organizations to ensure only the highest quality products go into your home, and the people crafting our products are paid and treated fairly. We never waver from these best-in-class labels, so every person that touches our products can sleep better at night.


How We're Leading


To ensure our products are ethically made at every step, we partner with a leader in quality assurance and supply chain management. Together, we're redefining the industry with our shared commitment to the highest standards.

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At Boll & Branch, it’s never “just another day at the office”. It’s a time and place where relationships are built, diversity is celebrated, and people find support in inclusive environments. We deeply value the backgrounds and perspectives of our team members—giving every dreamer a place to pursue their passions, while opening our eyes to new ways of thinking.


Our Hospitality-First Approach

Most brands run on automation, yet human connection is what we really crave. Since day one, we’ve differentiated ourselves by taking a hospitality-first approach with our customers, embracing personalized care that goes above and beyond expectations. We build 1:1 relationships that are incredibly rare in our industry, and allow us to connect with customers on deeper levels. Customers feel the difference at every step in their Boll & Branch journey, where we prioritize the quality of transactions over the quantity.


Growing Circularity Initiatives

We’re always looking for ways to do better by reducing our carbon footprint, expanding our use of recycled materials, and increasing our sustainable practices. And each decision we make—whether large or small—can make a positive and lasting impact on our environment.


Pioneering New Products & Experiences

We started with our Signature Sheet Set and changed the bedding industry for good. In these last 10 years, we’ve thoughtfully entered new categories and perfected our product details to make better products in the very best ways.

Helping from Home

Helping From Home

In March 2020, we launched our philanthropic initiative, Helping From Home—bringing comfort and care to those impacted by COVID-19. With the support of our customers, we were able to provide more relief than we’d imagined. Today, our mission is to bring the feeling of safety that home provides to those in need in our communities, because home is the foundation upon which we build our lives.