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Do Boll & Branch Sheets Really Get Softer With Every Wash?

The short answer is, “Yes.” 

If this promise sounds too good to be true, don’t just take it from us. We have tons of reviews about our Signature Hemmed Collection and how they feel soft out of the box, and softer and softer over time. Millions of our customers, in fact, are getting their best sleep on our Signature Sheets. 

What is it that makes Boll & Branch sheets so distinctly soft? It’s everything you can’t see that makes the difference. Read on for a closer look at our secret formula, but first, we’ll explain what makes our sheets different from others you’ll find on the market. 

The Difference Between Boll & Branch Sheets Vs. Other Bedding Companies

From day one, we wanted to offer quality that makes a difference our customers can feel. So we invested in 100% organic cotton (even before it was considered the gold standard in fibers). In doing so, we were able to prioritize natural softness over the performance of conventional cotton options that are so common in the market. 

To start, our sheets are made free from toxins at every step. What does that mean for you? You can rest easy that there aren’t any harmful chemical residues in your Boll & Branch sheets. You can also sleep better knowing that the farmers and artisans who made your bedding weren’t exposed to harmful chemicals. 

For further details about the differences between organic and conventional cotton, read more here. Now, let’s take a closer look at the unique attributes of our sheets that provide such a magical feeling as you use them.

Unmatched Softness Starts With The Rarest Organic Cotton On Earth

We don't just use any cotton, we use the softest, rarest organic cotton we could possibly find.  What makes Boll & Branch organic cotton so exceptional? It comes from the longest-staple organic cotton grown (the longer the staple, the softer the handfeel and the greater the durability, but more about that here). It’s incredibly hard to grow long-staple cotton naturally. In fact less than 1% of the available cotton in the world meets our standards in quality. 

The Magic Of Our Signature Formula Creates A Buttery, Breathable Experience Unlike Any Other

Using the highest quality 100% organic cotton is just the start: long-staple fibers are slow spun into threads in just the right way so that once they’re woven in our Signature 4-over-1-under weave, the ends of the cotton fibers lift ever so gently with every wash. So that with each wash, these slightly lifted fibers create a progressively softer handfeel, unlocking new levels of softness over time. One thing you won’t experience is a change in the appearance (no pilling!) or quality of the fabric. 

A Guarantee Of Softness You Can Sleep On

Sometimes you need to feel the difference yourself. That’s why we offer a 30-Night Worry-Free Guarantee. You can wash, style, and feel your new Boll & Branch sheets to experience how they get softer with every wash. If they don’t exceed your expectations, you can send them back (no questions asked). 

From the cotton we select to our unique weaving technique, every decision we make at Boll & Branch is driven by your comfort. If you're considering investing in a new set of sheets, consider the experience you’re looking for. You spend one-third of your life in bed. Sleep better knowing the sheets you surround yourself with are naturally soft, and only get softer over time.

More Fabrics To Love From Boll & Branch:

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Flannel: velvety soft and distinctly breathable, with a special brushing and shearing processes that offer a natural resistance to the appearance of pills over time

Linen: exceptionally light and breathable, and made with a proprietary two-step finish for a softness that can’t be matched