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Why Our Signature Fabric Is Beloved By Millions

We call our bestselling fabric “Signature” because it’s just that: the very first product we made, and the very beginning of bedding made different. This fabric became instantly beloved for good reason. Here, we share the difference you’ll feel and the difference Signature fabric makes when you bring it into your home.

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What makes Signature fabric special? 

Our Signature fabric is made in a four-over-one-under weave using long-staple, 100% organic cotton. This defining characteristic gives the fabric its movement, subtle sheen and breathability. What sets this fabric apart from everyone else’s is the quality of cotton we use and the rigorous standards we hold ourselves to at every step of production, starting at the farms that grow our organic cotton.

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What does Signature fabric feel like?

Signature’s iconic four-over-one-under weave provides a buttery hand-feel and a breathable, four-season weight. But it’s the long-staple organic cotton we use that delivers Signature’s most outstanding quality: with every wash, our long-staple organic cotton threads expand to create a softer and softer hand-feel over time. Thanks to the natural durability of organic cotton, Signature fabric maintains their heirloom quality for generations to come.

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What makes Signature threads so superior?

It’s a point of pride for us that we make better products by focusing on thread quality, not thread count. Our Founder and Head of Design Missy Tannen puts it simply: “When it comes to thread count, most people forget that the quality of threads is far more important than the quantity.” 

The difference in thread quality can be felt in every aspect of our Signature fabric. We impose fabric inspections at every stage of production to safeguard the purity of our yarn and craftsmanship. And we ensure no harmful toxins are used in its making by partnering with best independent certifying bodies in the industry like GOTS, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®  and Fair Trade USA to ensure only the best goes into your bedroom.

Experience the difference our bestselling 100% organic cotton Signature fabric makes every night: explore the entire Signature Collection now.