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Where Our Products Are Made & Why It Matters

A recurring question we often hear is: where are our products made?

We put our heart and soul into our products with the goal that you and your family feel good—inside and out—about them. That’s why we don’t cut corners, because every detail counts, down to every single thread.

To do so, we work with the most qualified experts, in the location that serves our product best. Here, we share the where, and our why.

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We searched near and far for the best cotton, and ended up finding what we were looking for in Orissa, India. Here, we saw the exceptional quality of organic cotton, and the potential of a community committed to organic farming guidelines, where farmers worked symbiotically with nature to grow chemical-free, non-GMO cotton. In fact, GMO cotton is outlawed in Orissa.

Each and every one of our products is thoughtfully made by people who earn respect and fair wages for their work. That means every purchase you make supports economic opportunity for cotton growers who have historically been underserved by big corporations.

Among many of the reasons that we chose this location to partner with family-run farming co-ops to source our cotton: the quality of cotton stands above and apart. The cotton we purchase from our farmers rivals Egyptian cotton. It is untouched by harmful chemicals and pesticides, and it produces a staple length that is longer than over 97% of the global cotton supply.

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We then made our way to another continent to manufacture our flannel bedding. We use 100% organic cotton to craft our flannel, and weave it in Portugal because the Portuguese are widely considered the experts in flannel creation. Flannel is a Portuguese heritage product, and local artisans have honed their skills for generations, crafting the most luxurious flannel available.

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For linen, we turned to Belgium to source our flax. The climate in western Europe, including Belgium, is ideal for growing flax, a raw material prized for thousands of years for its durability, and light, airy feel. Our flax is both sourced and woven by experts in Belgium, and then sent to our Fair Trade Certified Factory in India. 

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Sourced & finished in the USA

While most textile production has moved overseas, we look to develop partnerships in the US whenever possible. That’s why we produce our mattresses in Orlando, Florida, with a trusted production partner who shares our high standards and values in manufacturing. Our luxurious mattresses and foundation are crafted from ethically sourced, natural materials, and thoughtfully assembled by hand.

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Our pillows and duvets are assembled at a family-owned factory in Ohio, our co-founder Missy Tannen’s home state. The team there shares our high standards of craftsmanship in filling and finishing our pillows and duvets. With shells woven from our long-staple 100% organic cotton, our down pillows and duvets are filled with responsibly sourced down from a family-run duck farm in Indiana. They hold an IDFL Down Standard (IDS) certification to ensure that down and feather products are sourced from respected animal welfare farms. Back in Ohio, environmentally friendly detergent is used to triple wash (that’s two times the government requirement) the down before it’s meticulously filled and stitched into the final product.

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At the end of the day, we at Boll & Branch are focused on providing the most exceptional, 100% organic cotton comforts for you and your entire family, which is why we’ve broken through geographical boundaries. When it comes to creating better bedding, we’re limitless in focus and intention.