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How We Made the World’s Rarest Organic Bedding

Great bedding doesn’t come easy. We’ve known this from the very beginning, when we built an entire supply chain from scratch and discovered just how rare high-quality, 100% organic cotton is. It took an incredible amount of time, effort, and dedication to make Signature, our very first fabric. It quickly became a bestseller, and today, millions of sleepers love our Signature Sheets.

But our commitment to making the very best fabrics never waned. In fact, the success of Signature sparked our most ambitious goal of all: to create the rarest, silkiest, most extraordinary bedding in the world.

And now, after years in the making, we're finally ready to make Reserve available in small-batch designs.

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“The Reserve Collection is a further expression of the original passion and innovation that drove us to make our first bestselling fabric, Signature.” said Missy Tannen, our Founder and Chief Designer. “With Reserve, we're able to add even more elevation and finesse to what we've already become known for. Building upon that, we've created this incredible collection that you're going to love either layering in what you already have or creating a whole new dream bed for your home.” 

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Finding The Rarest Materials on Earth

From day one, we’ve made bedding from the finest 100% organic cotton, exclusively using long-staple fibers to ensure an exceptional softness. When making Reserve, we asked ourselves: what if we partner with farmers to grow the longest staple cotton, a process that takes years in itself? Harvest the threads and spin them even finer? Add the most exquisite couture details?  

“We really wanted to slow the process down and look even further at what we already were doing at Boll & Branch,” said Missy. “We use less than 1% of the world's cotton. And now take an even smaller portion of that. That’s the rarest organic cotton in the world, and what we use to make our Reserve Collection.”

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to push ourselves even further, and complete the collection with something incredibly special. Through our partnership with Pacomarca, we discovered the highest grade of baby alpaca wool and used it to make the softest throw blanket in existence. 

These rich, decadent alpaca fibers are exceptionally rare, and we sourced them in the only acceptable way—with strict traceability and the ethical treatment of animals. Every alpaca is raised with one acre of land allocated to it, which makes these fibers extremely limited. Coupled with the rarity of our organic cotton, we’re only able to make our Reserve Collection in small batches. 

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From the Rarest Threads to the Rarest Fabrics

We had the most extraordinary materials in-hand, and wanted to weave them in the most incredible way possible. So we spun each organic cotton thread 25% slower than conventional mill times, to make them even finer and smoother than before (the finer the threads, the smoother the fabric). Then we brought out the highest level of softness achievable with our unique flame-based finish. This extra step eliminates the tiny frays and impurities on each thread, to further enhance their smoothness and create the silkiest hand-feel. 

The threads were then passed to our expert weaving partners, who used slow, time-honored traditions to bring our Reserve fabric to life. From start to finish, the process is extremely time-intensive. But the moment we felt our Reserve Sheets, Duvets, Bed Blankets, and Quilts, we knew all of our hard work was absolutely worth it. 

The same standard of care and consideration went into making our Reserve Throw Blankets and Decorative Pillows. Just like our organic cotton, we only used the softest and finest alpaca threads, known as “baby” alpaca fibers. The threads were woven by skilled craftspeople in a criss-cross lattice pattern, before the fabrics were meticulously brushed for a silky soft hand-feel. In the end, each throw and decorative pillow passed through the hands of 100 artisans and took over 12 weeks to complete. 

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The Final Touch: Tailored-Made Couture Details

We not only spent years creating our Reserve fabrics, but perfecting the final details. Each finishing touch is an expression of relentless consideration, toiled over dozens and dozens of times. “Whether it's the way a seam is finished or a hem is constructed, I looked at every single piece to make sure I was making the very best product I could,” said Missy.

Each detail was inspired by Haute Couture, to enhance the high-end appearance of these smooth and lustrous fabrics. On our Reserve Sheet and Duvet Sets, you’ll find elegant mitered corners, flawless French seams, and a special wide cuff.

The collection is made with select nature-inspired shades, in solid tones and our gorgeous lattice motif. This timeless stitched pattern creates a distinct high-low texture and subtle sheen, for a tapestry-like effect. An embellished lattice cuff is attached to our sheet and duvet sets by hand, while our quilt showcases this intricate motif from end to end. The entire collection is designed to pair with our Reserve Throws, framed by the softest tassels, and our Reserve Decorative Pillows, made with a hidden zipper closure for the most refined finish.

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For A Bedding Experience Unlike Any Other

This collection was a true labor of love, and you can feel the uncompromising care we put into it—from sourcing the rarest materials and spinning the finest yarns, to using toxin-free processes at every step.

“Just like everything else at Boll & Branch, our Reserve Collection is made different,” said Missy. “There's nothing else in the world like it. We put more care and thought into everything we do because we want you to sleep better at night.” 

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