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How To Style The New Reserve Collection

From Our Experts: How To Style The New Reserve Collection

Years in the making, every design in our Reserve Collection features the very best materials and the most extraordinary finishing processes, down to our tailor-made couture details. Every piece of this collection is thoughtfully made to offer an exceptional feeling and create the dreamiest of bedding experiences. Here, we share how to make every single detail stand out in your bedroom.

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Start with a Beautiful Foundation

There is no silkier or more exceptional organic cotton fabric in the world. If you want the very best for your bed, choose our Reserve Sheet Set, made of the rarest, longest-staple 100% organic cotton on earth. While less than 1% of the world’s cotton meets Boll & Branch quality, less than 0.04% meets Reserve’s. Every thread is slow spun and finished in flame for exceptional luster and softness unlike any other. If you like textured detail, look to our Reserve Lattice Jacquard Sheet Set: the cuff, which is made on a special loom to create the high-low texture, is attached by hand. 

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Consider Your Color Palette

The world of Reserve is enhanced with rich, unique Boll & Branch colors, all inspired by elements in nature. From elevated warm neutrals like our Ivory and our new Oak hue, to calming cool hues like our Stone and Pewter, every color offers a particular dimension. Your sheet set is a wonderful place to bring tonal color into your bedroom.

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Build a Stunning Top of Bed Look

The ultimate match for Reserve Sheets is a Reserve Duvet Set with the same silky softness. Contrasting color, especially in bright white, lends refinement and sophistication. For tone-on-tone interest, our Reserve Lattice Jacquard Duvet Set offers gorgeous detail that is subtle, yet exceptional.

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Feature a Fold at the Foot of Your Bed

Rich texture adds just the right finish at the end of your bed. Our Reserve Cotton Bed Blanket is exceptionally soft and lightweight, with a beautiful luster that comes from micro-combing our organic cotton. Another option is our Reserve Lattice Quilt Set, which offers a more polished look. It’s made of our Reserve fabric, and finished with a bound and piped hem. We recommend folding this layer in thirds and lining up at the foot of your bed.

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Add Dimension with Alpaca 

This fabric offers an extra luxurious touch, either in our oversized Reserve Alpaca Lattice Throw Blanket that folds or drapes beautifully along the foot of your bed, or in our Reserve Alpaca Lattice Decorative Pillow. Both styles are harmonious with our organic cotton designs, thanks to their special lattice motif and exceptionally soft hand-feel.

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Get More Style Advice, With Our Compliments

Whether you’re thinking of incorporating Reserve designs into your current bedding or building an entirely new look from scratch, our designer experts are available for a complimentary Virtual Design Consultation at your convenience. 

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