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Non-conformist - noun

a person whose behavior or views do not conform to prevailing ideas or practices.

See also: renegade, freethinker, maverick, original
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We’ve been in countless gyms, and amidst all the grunts, clanks and sweat, we noticed a pattern — gym gear is ugly. It’s been the same for ages. It’s bland, boring and lacking character.

We thought if sneakers and streetwear can look dope, why can’t we bring that same attention to detail and aesthetics to gym gear? We didn’t accept what weightlifting belts, lifting straps, and wraps could do. So we made them better.

The NoCo Lab

NoCo product skectches

Weightlifting has exploded in popularity and evolved tremendously over the last few decades, but since its inception, weightlifting gear has pretty much stayed the same. At NoCo, we took it upon ourselves to reinvent weightlifting gear and advance its evolution.

What goes into the development of NoCo’s products? Innovation, style, and performance. As our name suggests, we look at things differently. We’re not satisfied with the way things are or have always been and we’re not afraid to make bold changes. 

So we did. We looked at the current market for gym gear and said a collective “meh.” Then, we hopped into the lab, got to work, and revolutionized the fitness space.

NoCo product sketches

gym Gear Innovation

We innovate in the lab so you can dominate in the gym. Invention is our passion. Every NoCo gym product goes through months, if not years, of development, prototyping, and testing. We don’t only transform products aesthetically – finally giving gym gear the much-needed style they deserve — we make sure our products perform at the highest level and hold up to the rigors of frequent heavy lifting. 

What makes us different is… everything. We don’t sit back and accept the way things are. We boldly push boundaries and constantly challenge what gym gear and equipment can be from a style and performance standpoint.

The noco process

All NoCo products go through the following development process:

ID (industrial design) Ideation

This is where our ideas take shape and start developing. We explore the design space by letting our imagination run wild and sketch as many variations to our ideas as possible.


Once we finalize a winning sketch, it’s on to the engineering phase. This is where we dive into the details and create CAD (computer-aided design) models, production blueprints, and do everything else needed to convert our idea from a napkin sketch to a physical prototype.


Once we have a prototype in hand, we put it to work. We stand behind our products because we’re the ones doing the testing. We create products that we would want to use. Each product goes through countless iterations of prototyping and testing. We reexamine our assumptions from the ideation phase and see what worked and what didn’t. Then, we optimize and do it over again until we get it just right. We don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Neither should you.

NoCo product sketches
NoCo product sketches

Gym gear aesthetics

We strongly believe that gym gear doesn’t have to be ugly, so we gave it the love it deserves and took its aesthetics game to the next level.

Much of our style inspiration comes from dope sneakers and streetwear. From an aesthetics standpoint, those industries are miles ahead. We decided to bridge that gap and bring some streetwear swag to the gym. We understand that today’s gymgoers care just as much about style and trends as the latest weightlifting practices and techniques. NoCo products provide the perfect combination of performance and style, of engineering and design.