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We’ve been in countless gyms, and amidst all the grunts, clanks and sweat, we noticed a pattern — gym gear is ugly. It’s been the same for ages. It’s bland, boring and lacking character.

We thought if sneakers and streetwear can look dope, why can’t we bring that same attention to detail and aesthetics to gym gear? We didn’t accept what weightlifting belts, lifting straps, and wraps could do. So we made them better.

NOCO Wrist Wrap


The NoCo Wrist Wraps are the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. They feature bold stitching designs, chunky synthetic suede patch and laser etched details for that signature NoCo look. Best of all — we’ve added the clever Velcro strip to hold the thumb loop in place and prevent it from awkwardly dangling during your workout.  

Our wrist wraps come in two different lengths — the double or triple wrap, allowing you to choose the level of support you need.

  • Double wrap – provides mild to medium support depending on tightness level.
  • Triple wrap – provides medium to strong support depending on tightness level.
How it works

Wrist wraps are an important piece of gym gear for providing wrist support during push exercises like the bench press or shoulder press. For proper form and stability, you want your wrists to stay locked and straight instead of bent and rolled backwards under the barbell or dumbbell. NoCo Wrist Wraps offer the support you need to safely hold your wrists in place, helping you avoid injury and soreness during your big lifts.  

Using the wraps is simple: slip your thumb into the thumb loop, then wrap your wrist as tightly as needed and Velcro it in place. After you’re done wrapping the wrist wraps, if you‘re not sure whether to leave the thumb loop on your thumb (and have it in the way of your grip) or take it off (and have it awkwardly dangle) – our smart Velcro strip allows you to secure the thumb loop in its proper place and out of the way. Just pull the thumb loop off your thumb using the Velcro tab then stick it on the Velcro strip located on the suede patch.

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The Details

What makes NoCo Wrist Wraps different? Hover over the highlighted areas to find out.

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Our clever Velcro strip holds the thumb loop in place after you’ve used it to tightly wrap your wrists so that it’s not in your way or awkwardly dangling

We’ve noticed that many wrist wraps have the loop ends stacked on top of each other which causes a bulge that digs into your wrist // We’ve laid the loop ends side by side and flat for optimal comfort

Right wrap - A zig-zag abstract design stitching holds the Velcro strip to the elastic band

Left wrap - Our OakHead design stitching holds the Velcro strip to the elastic band

Synthetic suede patch provides an amazing feel and texture // Its chunky aesthetic makes a bold statement and gives you some extra support while a laser-etched “No Conformity Co” detail lets people know who you’re repping

The Details

What makes NoCo Wrist Wraps different? Hover over the highlighted areas to find out.